Love Lenses

Hi Peeps!

Today I had the opportunity to listen to people share personal testaments of faith, love, and struggle.  All were from different backgrounds & shared from their hearts. The constant in this voluntary sharing was that people wanted to be heard. They felt their story mattered. The details of disclosure connected them to the others present & established a greater sense of being.

As I later enjoyed breakfast, the teabag caption put me on a pause to ponder…..’Who, being loved, is poor? (Oscar Wilde)’  All those whom I heard speak earlier were rich! Rich by their own definition of feeling love from family, friends, & God, but also rich because listening is a form of love.

I wonder how often we choose to first see others as beings who need to be loved? Who need to be heard, acknowledged,  and affirmed? Do we first offer ourselves as a point of love or do we seek what we can get from the next person based on our own deficit? How do we break that cycle? If being loved is being rich are you generous or thrifty with what you let flow? Hhmm, what’s the perspective on your love lenses?



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