Stupid Little Things


Today was one of those days when my energy was low (insert Flo-rida’s voice….LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW!!!). I mean it drained me to lift a finger to use the mousepad on my laptop! If getting up to use the bathroom was not required….let’s just stop there! 

So I did nothing…all day. But as a busybody, even in my nothingness (& my need to address my personal hygene) I still wanted to be productive in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very ok doing nothing (contrary to popular belief), but I also will not ignore my triumphant spirit.

So, my victory for today was that I showered! Take that chemo!!! You will not render me funky! And afterward I felt stronger, not 100% but as if my spirit had willed my body to recharge, try again, or turn the corner. Sometimes, it is using one avenue to awaken another that gets us through.  And to celebrate (or to avoid ironing or gathering proper attire), I topped it off with a fav….my stupid lil Christmas tank top (yes, even though it’s August). Gotta love those things in life that, without clear understanding, bring you happiness!  Who cares how or why??? They just do!

So cheers to being triumphant in small ways that count, the will of the spirit, & stupid little things that bring joy (adding my panda bear blinged out cell phone cover to the list)! Its has aaaaall made the difference in my perspective for today. What has made a difference in your day or in your perspective???


2 thoughts on “Stupid Little Things

  1. Sometimes we all have days where we just…ugh…don’t want to life a ….finger…. it’s just to much …effort……right? I think mine sometimes is down to the crappy food that I eat. I need to eat better.. I know then that I will have far more energy and who knows I might even sleep better.

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