It’s grey skies and a rainy day here in NYC and I LOVE IT!!! Rainy days may not be for everybody, but I have such mixed emotions when people hate on the rain (or any other weather). Sometimes I feel sorry for them that they can’t see and accept it as something beautiful. Other times I wanna tell people to grow up and 1.) stop acting powerless and 2.) quit acting like the rain was invented yesterday! This is not a phenomenon or a passing phase, nor is it new.

Rain is as natural as sunshine. Why can’t people embrace showers from above. Is it not amazing in the scope of creation that water falls from the sky AAAAAAAND happens to be exactly what we need to drink, bathe, travel, have pools, and live?!?! Do you not realize that the thing you abhor is the thing that someone somewhere else in this small universe is praying for, dying for, waiting for?!?!? Farmers need it for crops. Undeveloped villages need it to drink and clean. Hell, some of the people we pass every day on the street need to just tilt their heads back and open their mouths because they are on the verge of dehydration. (Go ahead…I know it’s probably you.)

I know that rain is not the exact same as your bottled Poland Springs, but essentially it is! One of the lessons I fondly remember teaching as a 2nd grade teacher is the Life Cycle of Water: a beautiful and impressive explanation that we have a limited amount and supply of water on our arrogantly inhabited planet. It is by the graciously natural design of recycling that we have it in all the ways we need it. So quit your bitch’n and figure out how to embrace this weather! I did, so you can too.

I have had rainy day blues in the past when I was younger, but as an adult, I have found colorful rain boots and jackets that I love, a big-ass sturdy rainbow umbrella that I affectionately call my ‘BIG GAY UMBRELLA’, and 16 oz to-go cups with lids that allow me to stay cozy while on the move with my warm beverage of choice. So buy a wig or hat, splurge for cab fare, buy a snuggie and take the day off to watch old movies, or book a swanky venue as an alternative if you were planning an outdoor event, but figure it out!The rain is undeniably sexy (imagine walking in dripping wet and having to strip down and cuddle up to get warm) and it’s here to stay…..if we’re lucky! 

The photo above isn’t me, but it’s exactly how I rock on rainy days. Anywho, I’m done ranting and on to admiring these millions of wet miracles falling outside my window. That’s my perspective and I’m grateful for it! What’s your take on rainy days????


1 thought on “RAINY DAY CHIC OR SHUT-UP!

  1. I totally agree! Imagine running butt-naked across your rooftop when no one’s looking! Talk about bringing out your inner child! ;o)

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