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I believe in the power of training ourselves to become who want to be. So I have trained myself, and am still in the practice of recognizing things to be grateful for everyday. Big or small. Whatever floats MY boat! When you live focused on your blessings, it’s hard to get caught up on less important, more negative things. So I’m sharing a few things that made my list this week and I hope that you will share yours too. In no particular order of importance or occurrence, here goes:

*THE SOUND OF RAIN. I just LOVE the rain! It is divine in so many ways. Thanks & shout out to God for knowing and giving us what we need when we need it!

*A GOOD CUP OF PLAIN TEA. I’m a tea junkie, with a tea drawer, and have tried teas from around the world in every flavor and oigin possible. I love iced tea, hot tea, tea houses, loose tea, tea lattes, tea paraphernalia, tea inforamation….. just all crap tea! But sometimes a perfectly brewed cup of decaffeinated Lipton (yes – the orange pekoe & black blend from your grandmother’s day) just does it for me! Mmmm!

*THE UNDO BUTTON that saved my ass just now from deleting everything. No further explanation needed.

*SUAVE $2.00 BODY WASH IN MANGO MANDARIN. I am a product junkie and also receive a lot of gifts…specifically of the bath & shower ilk. I don’t know what it is about me, but I get bath, body & shower products as gifts like it’s tattooed on my forehead! Maybe I’m the girl with B.O. (body odor…in case you’ve never heard) that nobody wants to have the hard convo with. If so, please inbox me. I can handle the truth. And this is not knocking the gift givers. I love it! I get to experiment and enjoy stuff I’d hardly buy for myself because I’ve been blessed with fine friends who splurge and buy me the good stuff, always better and more than I’d buy for my own stinky butt! But I did recently buy the Suave Body Wash and the scent and lather factor held it’s own to make my day – just like my fancy brands! It was right on time when I tried it. Just what I needed. A simplistic but good fix! I love a $2.00 fix that can hang with the best of them! It may not be anybody else’s joy, buy I swear if I put it in small fancy jars and pretty paper at Christmas and hand labeled it organically homemade, I could get away with murder! Lol! Why does my mind work this way??? Devious in nature. It’s probably why karma has me as the stinky girl nobody wants to address! Oh well, keep sending me those body product gifts! And no, this is not an invitation / excuse for my luxe gift-giving friends to start skimping and giving me the cheap crap. Keep the standards high please! Moving on!

*A GOOD CRY. Sometimes you just need to get it out. I tend to be very analytical & very thorough about understanding my feelings. It’s where and how I like to live….in those trenches. But no matter how much I can mentally process and handle all things emotionally my mind, words, and deeds …. I still love a good cry! It’s powerful, relieving, the physical response to what you can no longer keep inside. It’s a natural manifestation of what we may not have words for. That’s a beautiful gift from God! An outlet. Be it over a silly commercial, being fed up over the state of the world we live in, a good Netflix, an old or new convo that you’ll never have in real life with someone but will monologue out loud safely when no one else is around, or whatever!!!! A real and good cry is something you just can’t buy! Priceless! Side-note…but I am also grateful for my own neuroticism of what money can facilitate: keeping every room in my apt appropriately stocked with tissues, napkins, paper towels, and / or wipes. Whenever I’m feeling a good outpour coming on, no need to hunt for supplies or break the moment with relocating woes. Chances are, my soak-up needs will be conveniently met to encourage my own always-welcomed cry-baby! So if you’re ever in my hood and want the freedom, space, and appropriate paper options to capture your tear-to-snot ratio needs and a judgment free zone to let the water works flow, I do take reservations!

*UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP. My medical circumstances have robbed me of sleeping through the night for a while now. This is NOT what I am normally accustomed to. I consider myself a professional on how to get some great sleep. So I miss it! But in the meantime, I have managed to get some relief at my weekly treatment appointments. It’s not a lot of sleep, but just sleeping without having to get up literally every 30 minutes or so, was a real treat. I got to flirt with the other phases of sleep that I have desperately missed and even found myself drooling a few times! In the productivity of sleepland – that’s HOT!!! My nurse must have caught my vibe because she asked if I wanted the lights out. YES and please!!! I’m now on the hunt to facilitate this set-up at home so I can get back to my regularly scheduled sleep program, or somewhere close to a compromise. But in the meantime, I am fondly reflecting and grateful for the brief but uninterrupted zzzz’s I did rendezvous with. Till we meet again my friends, till we meet again!

So those are my APPRECIATIVES as of lately. What are YOU grateful for???


2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I love my sleep! I tried for years to wake up early and force myself to be a morning person, but it wasn’t happening. Now I sleep between 2am-10am, and it works just fine with my work from home lifestyle.

    And I’m a very sensitive person, so you will see me crying at every sappy movie. 🙂

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