Marrying Well


So I’m having a bi-polar moment! I want to cry but I’m too happy. Well I guess it’s not truly bi-polar because I actually want to cry tears of joy BECAUSE I’m happy. Anyways, I came hope to a package at my door that I wasn’t expecting. When I opened it, I was quite surprised and tickled that a dear friend of ours (she was hubby’s friend before we met), sent me a beautiful card and a jar of candy just based on a facebook status I posted last week detailing my endurance of the chocolate lover blues. This is such a thoughtful and sweet gesture to express kind sentiments of how highly she thinks of me and how happy she is that I make hubby glow. On top of that she is a woman that I admire and enjoy. A great gift from a great gal!

Somewhere in the throws of wanting to cry because this was so delightful and being so psyched up about a satiating portion of Hershey’s kisses, I was grateful that I have married well. Not meaning the traditional definition of the financial or social status of affluence of one’s mate (though my baby does meet my criteria), but in the sense that he has some of the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing women as good friends and I have been blessed to inherit them as my friends too! My sweetheart is rich in spirit and he attracts that likeness in others.

It humbled me to remember a time years ago when the question was on the table of whether we should transition our friendship to a romantic level. I unabashedly expressed to him that one reason for my apprehension on moving forward was because he had so many female friends and I wasn’t interested in the drama that might bring. I had never dated a man with female friends, and not so many at that. And I’m not the type to be jealous, insecure, or distrustful (inappropriately or frequently) of males or females in any kind of relationship. But I did pause to consider what a relationship could look like with such circumstances. I am glad that maturity, communication, and not letting negative stereotypes dictate my choice to date, love, and marry a great guy who has unselfishly shared the bounty of beauties that now enrich both of our lives. I married very well!

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?


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That's my perspective. What's yours?!?!

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