She’s ridiculous, hilarious, fabulous and she is also the BIRTHDAY GIRL! Happy Gemini Friday to All!!!

A year ago I was in a completely different place health-wise, but my mind and spirit were and still are focused on LIVING this life to leave nothing on the table when it’s all said and done! I am blessed to be loved by the best and to laugh every day at life and myself. So my bday shall be no different – a celebration of a few things that make me happy! My actual BIRTHDAY is this Sunday 6/15, but I’m celebrating starting today (6/13) & for the rest of June with multiple activities so you can get in where you fit in. Let me know what you wanna be a part of & feel free to share with anyone who loves me (no stalkers, weirdos, or creeps please)!   :-p

*Tonight (6/13) – 7:55 I’m going to see the movie Belle at 7:55pm at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas (Bway btwn 63 & 64th St).

*Saturday (6/14) – Link Fitness Workout at 10-11am at Riverbank Park, 138 St entrance. It’s free!

*Sunday (6/15) – If I don’t brunch somewhere, I may chill in the park on a blanket (Most likely Central Park: 110 St & Lenox Ave. vicinity). Feel free to stop by to have a slice of cake and a toast. The weather should be gorgeous!

Other activities that I have yet to nail down a date and time for are:

*1hr Massage at Massage Envy in Scarsdale. I think the website has an offer for $55 for 1 hr. Feel free to roll with me to get rubbed up.

*The Schomburg  in Harlem has 2 things I’m going to:

1.) The Maya Angelou Pop-Up Exhibit is free and requires no reservation. Date TBD.

2.) Purple Rain – A conversation / garden party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Prince’s album. Free also but reservations are required. Visit the website for details for both.

*Bikram Yoga – I have a spot in Harlem or on the UES that you can have a week pass for $20. Come sweat and flex with me! Namaste! Lol.

*Sun and Sand – If I’m lucky, maybe I can make it to a beach! Suggest a good one that’s no more than 1 hr from the city.

If you have something that you want to do or share with me to help me celebrate, let me know!


Thanks and love for the well wishes. RSVPs welcomed. Regrets not necessary!




It’s grey skies and a rainy day here in NYC and I LOVE IT!!! Rainy days may not be for everybody, but I have such mixed emotions when people hate on the rain (or any other weather). Sometimes I feel sorry for them that they can’t see and accept it as something beautiful. Other times I wanna tell people to grow up and 1.) stop acting powerless and 2.) quit acting like the rain was invented yesterday! This is not a phenomenon or a passing phase, nor is it new.

Rain is as natural as sunshine. Why can’t people embrace showers from above. Is it not amazing in the scope of creation that water falls from the sky AAAAAAAND happens to be exactly what we need to drink, bathe, travel, have pools, and live?!?! Do you not realize that the thing you abhor is the thing that someone somewhere else in this small universe is praying for, dying for, waiting for?!?!? Farmers need it for crops. Undeveloped villages need it to drink and clean. Hell, some of the people we pass every day on the street need to just tilt their heads back and open their mouths because they are on the verge of dehydration. (Go ahead…I know it’s probably you.)

I know that rain is not the exact same as your bottled Poland Springs, but essentially it is! One of the lessons I fondly remember teaching as a 2nd grade teacher is the Life Cycle of Water: a beautiful and impressive explanation that we have a limited amount and supply of water on our arrogantly inhabited planet. It is by the graciously natural design of recycling that we have it in all the ways we need it. So quit your bitch’n and figure out how to embrace this weather! I did, so you can too.

I have had rainy day blues in the past when I was younger, but as an adult, I have found colorful rain boots and jackets that I love, a big-ass sturdy rainbow umbrella that I affectionately call my ‘BIG GAY UMBRELLA’, and 16 oz to-go cups with lids that allow me to stay cozy while on the move with my warm beverage of choice. So buy a wig or hat, splurge for cab fare, buy a snuggie and take the day off to watch old movies, or book a swanky venue as an alternative if you were planning an outdoor event, but figure it out!The rain is undeniably sexy (imagine walking in dripping wet and having to strip down and cuddle up to get warm) and it’s here to stay…..if we’re lucky! 

The photo above isn’t me, but it’s exactly how I rock on rainy days. Anywho, I’m done ranting and on to admiring these millions of wet miracles falling outside my window. That’s my perspective and I’m grateful for it! What’s your take on rainy days????

Simply Amazing

No matter where you are, who you are, or whats going on……. we are all sharing one moon, one sun, and one sky…..& the best part is that we cant control ANY of them. On the other hand, where do we begin regarding the unique and countless raindrops, the endless stars and transforming transient clouds? The Creator is simply amazing!
#1world #inawe

Marrying Well


So I’m having a bi-polar moment! I want to cry but I’m too happy. Well I guess it’s not truly bi-polar because I actually want to cry tears of joy BECAUSE I’m happy. Anyways, I came hope to a package at my door that I wasn’t expecting. When I opened it, I was quite surprised and tickled that a dear friend of ours (she was hubby’s friend before we met), sent me a beautiful card and a jar of candy just based on a facebook status I posted last week detailing my endurance of the chocolate lover blues. This is such a thoughtful and sweet gesture to express kind sentiments of how highly she thinks of me and how happy she is that I make hubby glow. On top of that she is a woman that I admire and enjoy. A great gift from a great gal!

Somewhere in the throws of wanting to cry because this was so delightful and being so psyched up about a satiating portion of Hershey’s kisses, I was grateful that I have married well. Not meaning the traditional definition of the financial or social status of affluence of one’s mate (though my baby does meet my criteria), but in the sense that he has some of the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing women as good friends and I have been blessed to inherit them as my friends too! My sweetheart is rich in spirit and he attracts that likeness in others.

It humbled me to remember a time years ago when the question was on the table of whether we should transition our friendship to a romantic level. I unabashedly expressed to him that one reason for my apprehension on moving forward was because he had so many female friends and I wasn’t interested in the drama that might bring. I had never dated a man with female friends, and not so many at that. And I’m not the type to be jealous, insecure, or distrustful (inappropriately or frequently) of males or females in any kind of relationship. But I did pause to consider what a relationship could look like with such circumstances. I am glad that maturity, communication, and not letting negative stereotypes dictate my choice to date, love, and marry a great guy who has unselfishly shared the bounty of beauties that now enrich both of our lives. I married very well!

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?


Simply Suave

I believe in the power of training ourselves to become who want to be. So I have trained myself, and am still in the practice of recognizing things to be grateful for everyday. Big or small. Whatever floats MY boat! When you live focused on your blessings, it’s hard to get caught up on less important, more negative things. So I’m sharing a few things that made my list this week and I hope that you will share yours too. In no particular order of importance or occurrence, here goes:

*THE SOUND OF RAIN. I just LOVE the rain! It is divine in so many ways. Thanks & shout out to God for knowing and giving us what we need when we need it!

*A GOOD CUP OF PLAIN TEA. I’m a tea junkie, with a tea drawer, and have tried teas from around the world in every flavor and oigin possible. I love iced tea, hot tea, tea houses, loose tea, tea lattes, tea paraphernalia, tea inforamation….. just all crap tea! But sometimes a perfectly brewed cup of decaffeinated Lipton (yes – the orange pekoe & black blend from your grandmother’s day) just does it for me! Mmmm!

*THE UNDO BUTTON that saved my ass just now from deleting everything. No further explanation needed.

*SUAVE $2.00 BODY WASH IN MANGO MANDARIN. I am a product junkie and also receive a lot of gifts…specifically of the bath & shower ilk. I don’t know what it is about me, but I get bath, body & shower products as gifts like it’s tattooed on my forehead! Maybe I’m the girl with B.O. (body odor…in case you’ve never heard) that nobody wants to have the hard convo with. If so, please inbox me. I can handle the truth. And this is not knocking the gift givers. I love it! I get to experiment and enjoy stuff I’d hardly buy for myself because I’ve been blessed with fine friends who splurge and buy me the good stuff, always better and more than I’d buy for my own stinky butt! But I did recently buy the Suave Body Wash and the scent and lather factor held it’s own to make my day – just like my fancy brands! It was right on time when I tried it. Just what I needed. A simplistic but good fix! I love a $2.00 fix that can hang with the best of them! It may not be anybody else’s joy, buy I swear if I put it in small fancy jars and pretty paper at Christmas and hand labeled it organically homemade, I could get away with murder! Lol! Why does my mind work this way??? Devious in nature. It’s probably why karma has me as the stinky girl nobody wants to address! Oh well, keep sending me those body product gifts! And no, this is not an invitation / excuse for my luxe gift-giving friends to start skimping and giving me the cheap crap. Keep the standards high please! Moving on!

*A GOOD CRY. Sometimes you just need to get it out. I tend to be very analytical & very thorough about understanding my feelings. It’s where and how I like to live….in those trenches. But no matter how much I can mentally process and handle all things emotionally healthy..im my mind, words, and deeds …. I still love a good cry! It’s powerful, relieving, the physical response to what you can no longer keep inside. It’s a natural manifestation of what we may not have words for. That’s a beautiful gift from God! An outlet. Be it over a silly commercial, being fed up over the state of the world we live in, a good Netflix, an old or new convo that you’ll never have in real life with someone but will monologue out loud safely when no one else is around, or whatever!!!! A real and good cry is something you just can’t buy! Priceless! Side-note…but I am also grateful for my own neuroticism of what money can facilitate: keeping every room in my apt appropriately stocked with tissues, napkins, paper towels, and / or wipes. Whenever I’m feeling a good outpour coming on, no need to hunt for supplies or break the moment with relocating woes. Chances are, my soak-up needs will be conveniently met to encourage my own always-welcomed cry-baby! So if you’re ever in my hood and want the freedom, space, and appropriate paper options to capture your tear-to-snot ratio needs and a judgment free zone to let the water works flow, I do take reservations!

*UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP. My medical circumstances have robbed me of sleeping through the night for a while now. This is NOT what I am normally accustomed to. I consider myself a professional on how to get some great sleep. So I miss it! But in the meantime, I have managed to get some relief at my weekly treatment appointments. It’s not a lot of sleep, but just sleeping without having to get up literally every 30 minutes or so, was a real treat. I got to flirt with the other phases of sleep that I have desperately missed and even found myself drooling a few times! In the productivity of sleepland – that’s HOT!!! My nurse must have caught my vibe because she asked if I wanted the lights out. YES and please!!! I’m now on the hunt to facilitate this set-up at home so I can get back to my regularly scheduled sleep program, or somewhere close to a compromise. But in the meantime, I am fondly reflecting and grateful for the brief but uninterrupted zzzz’s I did rendezvous with. Till we meet again my friends, till we meet again!

So those are my APPRECIATIVES as of lately. What are YOU grateful for???



Everyday we move forward with things we have to do or want to accomplish. Today & on other occasions I have been reminded that as focused and consumed as I can be on the things on my to-do list, I am actually trying to also live a life of purpose ON purpose.

So there are small moments or incidents that a higher power aligns itself to my inner being to refocus my attention on these basic beliefs: ‘We all have gifts inside of us. Our gifts are not for ourselves. And while I am the strongest advocate for self-preservation, we are to be unselfish with our gifts!’ I think often we conveniently give our gifts to our favorite people or try to morph our gifts into something profitable. That’s not wrong, but what does it look like when we are a planet of people who wake up in the morning looking forward to who the day will show us to share our gifts with? If anybody we encountered was a candidate. If experiences and visions led us to live, respond, create, and love in a way that our focus was to share our gifts.

On a recent visit to my Mom’s, we arrived at her house after being out all day & upon arriving at the door she noticed a huge bag of peaches. No note, no name. No clue.  Just a big bag of peaches hanging on the door waiting for her. It was not random because getting to Mom’s door requires finding or knowing how to enter this hidden backway to her address,  walking past the car port, opening the gate, and coming inside the yard. So somebody went out of their way to leave those peaches for her on purpose.

Later we found that they were from a friend who participates in a food co-op. She pays a small fee to get a bunch of naturally farmed produce on a monthly basis. It’s never a guarantee of what will be in the co-op share that month and you get what you get in terms of amount or variety. So Mom’s friend realizing that she couldn’t eat all the peaches herself decided to give them away. This was a good match because Mom loves to eat fruit, makes a mean cobbler, and always has people that she can share good things with (insert photo of peach-loving daughter here).

It’s like that! We should see, own, and operate with our gifts in the mind and heart that whatever gifts we have are not to be kept to ourselves.  Somebody out there needs what we have. We should realize the unlimited natural source that these gifts come from, our good fortune to have access to them, and then be inclined to give them away….unselfishly. Why hold tight and hoard or waste that which you do not own??? We should be facing every dawn intentionally clearing a space to say ‘May my heart and mind lead me to people, places, and things that need my gifts. Let me move out of the way and be selfless enough to recognize who is in need and can benefit. And when I encounter that moment, let me wrap my gift in love as I share it, that the receiver may be like a kid on Christmas morning (or a sweet lady finding a bag of peaches at her door – lol).

The thing I find most beautiful in this concept is that while we all love a great gift, usually the thing that blows us away more is the actual giving. The gift is wonderful, but I am touched when people think of me and act on wanting to share with me. That is the gift! That we acknowledge and remember each other. That we live wanting to bring goodness and joy to someone else. That’s love and if you’re blessed, that’s life!

I work daily still to share unselfishly, but am grateful for the reminders & nudges to keep me focused on living with this purpose in mind. What are your gifts? How and when do you share them? Have you trained yourself to be consumed daily with sharing your gifts unselfishly? What has been your perspective as a giver and a recipient? I shared my perspective. What is yours?